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Privacy Policy

All personal and financial information is kept secure.

All staff sign confidentiality agreements.

Information is never shared with a third party, without your expressed permission (such as for a reference or mortgage application)

Information is never sold to any external parties.

All waste paper is stored in a locked cupboard and regularly shredded (on-site) by a certified secure waste paper destruction company and then the shredded paper is re-cycled.

All confidential information is backed up on the computer system every night and kept securely.

Astons is a fully registered and licensed business, under the Data Protection Acts governed by the Information Commissioner.

If you want to know more or talk about your specific situation, call us and we will talk it through with you.

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The team at Astons is always happy to help – the phone is always answered and they will help as much or as little as our business needs.

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