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Preferred Methods

Other Methods


If you want to use telephone or internet banking, we will give you the appropriate bank details. You will need to quote your name and client reference in the relevant box/section and, once the payment has been made, please give the office a quick call or send a brief e-mail to so we know to expect it.

Standing Orders

Standing orders: the way this works is you simply choose a regular amount you would like to pay towards fees and decide how often you would like to pay – monthly and quarterly being the two favourites. Then, when a fee note is raised, the situation is reviewed. If the result is a shortfall, it is either settled in full at that time, or the standing order is increased. If there is a surplus, it could be repaid or used to reduce future standing order payments. This does not mean the fees cannot be more, or less, than the amount paid and the regular payment need not be determined by past fees – it is merely designed to allow you to choose to make regular payments, of amounts (and at intervals) to suit you, to make fees more manageable, if you wish.

Please note that we do all we can to keep costs down, to keep fees down, so a small charge will need to be levied for late credit card payments, that is beyond 14 days of the date on the invoice. These will be in line with charges to us – currently 3%.

All late payments may incur interest at 2% per month, in addition to any additional costs and/or charges incurred.

So you can pay by any of the above – all free of charge, if in good time.
The only additional charges levied relate to payments beyond agreed/reasonable/negotiated terms.
We hope you find this satisfactory and that you will enjoy the benefits that this brings, to help you choose what that suits you best.